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Keeping Firewood Safe and Dry

One of mankind’s earliest learned achievements was the ability to make fire around 800,000 years ago. Although many varied alternatives to creating heat and light have been invented, the fire remains prevalent and is used both practically and to entertain. Along with oxygen and heat, a burning material is needed for fire to take place […]

How to Make a Fireplace Mantel

A fireplace is nothing but a space to build a fire. Once it’s framed by décor – a surround and mantel – it becomes attractive and entertaining. The mantel turns the fireplace into a center of attraction, and makes it stylish from overall room décor perspective. You can design a fireplace mantel taking into consideration […]

How to light an anthracite fire with no firelighters

Firstly you pack your anthracite into your grate. Then you build your wood fire(For best results use Attaboy Dry Firewood) on top of the anthracite, following the wood fire lighting instruction. Add anthracite or firewood as needed. N.B. *Remember, firewood, you light from underneath, anthracite you light from the top. *If you just burn firewood […]