Here are some of our best specials! 1 Cord = 1 m³ bag of firewood.


Hardwood is high-density firewood which is great to make long-lasting coals in your fireplace – you should have plenty of this.


Softwood is quick-burning wood which is very useful for getting your fire blazing fast. You should use this to start the fire along with firelighters, kindling and a couple of pieces of hardwood on top.


You will want to start your fire easily and quickly, so you will need some firelighters and a few bags of kindling as well.


Get everything you need in a discounted bundled, with delivery included!

The Firewood Farm has been supplying season-dried, hard and soft firewood for over 40 years

Only alien and invasive species are used, therefore all our wood is environmentally friendly.

We deliver and pack the wood to any location across Gauteng (no stairs).

Our firewood bags are far larger than our competitors, meaning that you get far more bang for your buck.

Megamaster and other leading fireplace brands recommend us, so give us a burn!