How to light a wood fire with no firelighters

  • Make sure you use Attaboy Dry Firewood for the best and most consistent Results.
  • Scrunch up 5 or6 single sheets of news paper into balls. Put this into the center of your fireplace.
  • Make a teepee(‘A’ Frame) of kindling (Starter Twigs etc..) on top of the paper. About 15 pieces of kindling should do.
  • Make the teepee(‘A Frame) bigger by using first small pieces of wood and then add larger pieces.
  • The Trick with a fireplace is to pack the fireplace as full as you can get it before you light it. You can, if you wish, slow it down later by adding less wood. Don’t try to light a small fire, as this is slower and more difficult for you to get the fire going.
  • When your fire is burning very well then you should add the largest pieces of firewood that will fit in your fireplace this saves firewood, as large pieces burn slower and more steadily.

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