Firewood Rack

Firewood Rack vs. Log Holder

Firewood Racks

You’ve probably heard of a log holder and you’ve probably heard of a firewood rack. But do you know what the difference is? Well, a Firewood rack is typically an outdoor wood rack used to store extra wood for your fireplace. Firewood racks vary in size, style, and make. Often they’re handmade and simply used to keep logs organized in the garage, shed, or yard. Some are ornate and made from wrought iron, and are intended to be functional and decorative.

Log Holders

Log holders, on the other hand, are typically indoor racks. They are more decorative but also very durable. A log rack is often intended for indoor use and can only hold a limited amount of wood.

However, when it comes to firewood racks and holders, the terms are often used interchangeably. A firewood rack can technically be called a firewood holder as well. The term firewood rack is typically associated with a more rugged, functional style of rack rather than a decorative holder. But you’ll still find decorative log holders that are called firewood racks. So if you’re looking for a firewood rack, be sure to check under log holders as well.

How to Make Your Own Firewood Rack

If you’d rather make your own firewood rack, here’s some advice on how to make one out of wood (to make one out of metal would require welding, which can be quite tricky)


To make a firewood rack, you need:

window.google_render_ad();* Durable wood * Nails * Saw * Hammer

Constructing Your Firewood Rack

Follow these steps to construct your very own firewood rack:

Step 1: Figure out how large you need your rack to be

Step 2: Establish how many sections you want your firewood rack to have (1 main section vs. 2 separate section to pile wood separately)

Step 3: Establish measurements (height and length)

Step 4: Cut wood accordingly (it’s wise to use durable wood, not plywood or pressboard. You need to use materials that can withstand the weight of solid wood logs. Also, when cutting your wood, also cut crossbeam pieces. This will help keep your rack sturdy)

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